Empire Games

Welcome to Empire Game Shop.  We are a game shop by and for gamers and as such, we welcome people to come by to play, paint, ask questions or just hang out.  This is the game shop you're looking for.

We sell primarily tabletop miniatures games, such as 40k, Firestorm Armada, DropZone, Warhammer and also historical miniatures, like Flames of War, Johnny Reb III, Bolt action, armati and other great games.  We also sell board games, RPGs, card games, including Magic singles and have lots of accessories.  We have a wide selection of products and we are fast and have a large collection of options to get product for you.  In most cases we can have a special order item in less than a week, sometimes 2 days.

We are located at 5447 South rainbow, Suite E-5, which is on the west side of Rainbow across from the hospital and behind Jimmy Johns.  On rainbow, this is north of the 215 and between Russell and Hacienda.

We opened in March with our grand opening on the weekend or April 5th, 2014.

Our online shop is still undergoing additions, but as you can see we carry lots and lots and LOTS of products.

Come on down, get in a game or just say hi to Jules and Steve.  Empire game Shop is the best place in the valley for all gaming.



Welcome to Empire Game Shop! We sell the very best tabletop miniature games, card games, RPGs, accessories and more! Check us out!